Land Rover Tow Bar Keys

Land Rover Tow Bar Keys

Often used as: Towbar Keys and possibly more...

Suits Locks by the following manufacturers: Land Rover and possibly more...

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Description: Replacement keys cut for Land Rover, Discovery and Range Rover detachable tow bars and locks. We use the latest up to date electronic technology for cutting keys to code. Code Series from 1D01 - 1D57 Your lock code is located on the face of the lock

Date Name Rating Review
2019-03-19 11:22:00 Anonymous Just what I ordered and quickly too. Thank you.
2019-03-11 06:22:07 Steve Attwood Although the keys arrived promptly, were we'll packed and are certainly sturdier than the original Landrover ones, they do not enter the key hole to the full length. This means they don't align with the pins and release the lock. When I have time I will attempt to work on them with a wire brush or Emery cloth incase it is just some burrs preventing operation. But I don't have too much faith this will work.
2019-03-05 16:35:39 Paul Friend Ordered the key late afternoon, received next morning & it worked, excellent!
2019-02-11 08:10:21 Desmond Stone Great service. Even when l had a problem they were very understanding. If ever the need arose in the future, l would use them again, Des. Stone
2019-01-10 15:44:45 Anonymous Fast efficient service, good value
2018-12-27 14:40:28 Daniel Nartey Finding this company online, I was sceptic. Believe me this is a number 1 shop.Best in the world. Best service, best response and quick response.
2018-11-16 15:28:28 Nicholas Watkinson Unbelievably fast delivery. Ordered the key at about 4:30pm and got the key in the next day’s mail, whow!. Key works great, managed to get the tow bar off at last. Good price, great service does what I needed. Bang on!
2018-11-04 11:59:38 Barry Cooke Extremely quick service and the key fitted first time
2018-11-03 11:13:15 Derek Holliday It a key and it fits the lock it was bought for, not really any more I can say Derek
2018-10-17 12:58:25 Chuck Milne Everything perfect. Delivery, quality & price. Highly recommended
2018-10-16 05:39:46 Anonymous Fast service and good product .
2018-10-15 09:17:13 Mark Walker Very quick service keys worked perfect many thanks
2018-09-28 10:32:08 Anonymous Fantastic service, saved me buying a £30.00 lock.
2018-09-18 18:48:19 Billy McGrory Absolutely first class service. From sorting what l needed to delivery to the door. Could’nt ask for better. Thanks
2018-08-29 09:38:59 Michael Johns Delivered as promised and perfect fit
2018-08-21 14:17:22 David Smith Accurate cut keys arrived through the post efficiently.
2018-08-10 00:09:26 Anonymous Very pleased. Ordered a hitch key for my Land Rover. Keys arrived in Australia in a bit over a week and they fitted the hitch lock fine.
2018-07-31 13:27:49 Zoe Burford Key was perfect. Tow bar now gone. Thank you.
2018-07-30 15:30:23 John Prince Both excellent price & quality - would definitely recommend.
2018-07-23 14:22:33 EUGENE Bleeks Keys were delivered quickly, and just what I needed

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