Union FT Series Keys

Union FT Series Keys

Often used as: Caravan Keys, Classic Car Keys, Petrol Cap Keys, Roof Rack Keys, Truck Canopy Keys and possibly more...

Suits Locks by the following manufacturers: Aston Martin, British Leyland, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mountain Top, Union, WBH and possibly more...

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Key Code Ranges:

BC101-BC225, BC301-BC360, CB801-CB875, FT101-FT225, FT301-FT360, LF451-LF575


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1 £3.95
2 £3.55
4 £3.20
8 £2.90
16 £2.65
32 £2.45
64 £2.30
128 £2.20
Prices are per key and include VAT.

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Description: Replacement keys cut for Lockers, Desks, Vehicles and many other locks. We use the latest up to date electronic technology for cutting keys to code. Code Series from FT101-FT225 (with exceptions) Code Series from CB801-CB875 Your lock code is located on the face of the lock

Date Name Rating Review
2022-07-08 10:34:57 david walmsley very quick good service and good price
2022-06-13 10:48:52 Gary Wakefield First class service
2022-03-21 11:40:15 Hiroshi Tanaka The key was correct. But it had a little burr.
2022-02-28 10:50:09 Gerry congdon Very helpful and knowledgable. Good value as well.
2022-02-16 10:46:15 Edward Carson Miley good service
2022-01-13 10:37:52 Lorraine Gregory Swift delivery, thank you!
2022-01-10 14:01:51 Ashley Austin Keys arrived in good time. Look good and work well.
2021-09-11 10:04:13 DEREK Customer service very professional, price good value for money 💰, delivered next day. 10/10.
2021-08-29 06:43:58 J Fast shipping, product as described. Fits perfectly.
2021-07-15 11:23:40 Jen Webb Quick and easy, new keys arrived the following day
2021-07-03 06:47:35 Jeremy John Excellent service again and pricing.Very professional and fast delivery.Thank you.
2021-06-29 10:10:59 Peter Charlton A query about a key that I couldnt locate on the website was answered that day, the key arrived the next day, and works perfectly.
2021-05-11 12:28:09 KENNETH WARRILOW Excellent quick service, do not have to let your, to you, quite valuable key out of your possession.
2021-05-06 13:40:05 Fiona Vicary Easy to order quick delivery! Thank you!
2021-04-18 11:15:41 Mark Forrester As good as original key
2021-02-16 11:19:22 Brian Smith Superb service and very helpful staff. Thank you.
2021-02-08 14:51:51 Nigel Stephens Excellent service and keys received day after ordering - unfortunately one key was not a match but Replacement Keys sent another which was again received the next day
2020-12-31 12:59:58 Dennis Harris I was sent what I ordered, and received within a couple of days. Couldn’t have asked for more.
2020-12-11 18:36:11 jeffrey graves very fast spot on
2020-11-27 16:18:49 Anonymous Very simple but great service; I needed a replacement key for a very rusty original from a Triumph Herald locking petrol cap, as I wished to keep the car as original as when I had bought it. Once I supplied the serial number it arrived four days later. Excellent!

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