How to photograph a key:

For us to decode a key we need at least one good quality photo to work from. If you follow the pointers below this should help us to be able to decode your key more easily.

  • Place the key on a flat surface with good (ideally natural) light on the key. A window sill during daytime is an excellent place to take the photo.

  • Hold the camera directly over the top of the key and try not to create any shadows.

  • Make sure the whole key is in the picture without zooming.

  • Take several photos and send the best one to us.

  • When emailing the photo please ensure you send us a large photo

Good Key

This is a good photo we can work from.

Blurred Key

This photo is too blurry to use.

Dark Key

This photo is too dark to use.

Low res key

This photo is too small to use.