Chubb Mortice Keys

Chubb Mortice Keys

Often used as: Mortice Keys and possibly more...

Suits Locks by the following manufacturers: Chubb, Union and possibly more...



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Description: Replacement keys cut for Chubb mortice locks. We use the latest up to date electronic technology for producing keys back to the manufacturers specification, rather than copies from worn original keys. Please note we can't Produce Chubb RKS series keys.

Date Name Rating Review
2019-12-10 12:54:30 Richard Fowler I ordered a replacement 5 lever Chubb key which I did receive, however it would not operate my lock. Laying the original and this replacement together it was apparent the new key was not cut properly. Luckily I am an engineer and was able to cut away the areas to match a good original key, while this took me 10 minutes it would not be something an unskilled person could undertake.

3G114 3G114E 3G110 3K75 3k74 3k74E CHU1G CHU-1G CHU2G CHU-2G 196B 177B CHC CHL